Browse books at a touch of a button

Merton Library Service has signed up to Xreferplus, a new comprehensive online reference service. This means anyone with a computer and a library card will be able to access information from thousands of reference books, with out even having to leave their home!

The collection of over 150 reference titles covers everything from the arts to astronomy, law to literature and science to Shakespeare. It also includes atlases, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, as well as almost 16,000 images from the Bridgeman Art Library.

All library members have to do is go onto Merton’s website, follow the link ‘New online reference library’, and enter their library card number. A screen saying ‘Welcome London Borough of Merton’ will then appear, and users will have an unparalleled, online collection of high-quality reference titles at their fingertips. They will just need to enter a search term in the ‘search’ box and they’re away!

Anybody without a library card number can apply at any of the borough’s libraries.

Su Assinen, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Cultural Services, said:
‘This is a great service because although our libraries hold a good stock, they are not always open when people want to access them.

‘ I think Xreferplus is an especially good idea for young people at school or college who will be able to use the site to help with their study and coursework. It’s also useful for people at home who want to check out the odd fact – they can now access the books 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’