CCTV Praised

Merton Partnership Against Crime’s CCTV team have been praised by Merton Police for their role in helping to catch two suspects after a robbery at a store in Mitcham in late January.

Two suspects were alleged to have stolen items from the store and racially abused staff when confronted. When police arrived, they had already escaped. However, police were able to radio in their descriptions to the CCTV control room, where eagle-eyed controllers managed to track them down and alerted the police as to their whereabouts. The CCTV controllers monitored the suspects until the police arrived and arrested them.

Councillor Andrew Judge, Leader of Merton Council, said: “Merton’s CCTV scheme has proven to be a useful tool in the fight against crime. I am glad that the scheme is getting the praise it deserves for its part in keeping Merton Safe and Sound.”


Notes to Editors
1. Merton CCTV services has 170 CCTV cameras across the borough, covering Mitcham, Morden & Wimbledon Town Centres, smaller community shopping areas, car parks, housing estates, council buildings and bus lanes.
2. Merton’s CCTV control room has direct voice and picture links with the control room at Wimbledon Police Station. The control room also has radio links with Neighbourhood Wardens and with local businesses that are part of the Radio Link scheme.