CCTV Captures Robber

Merton Partnership Against Crime’s eagle-eyed CCTV operators have helped the Merton Borough Police to catch yet another criminal in the borough, after noticing an argument and robbery on camera in Morden town centre on Saturday 13 March 2004.

A recent argument amongst a group of young people in the town centre caught the eye of a CCTV operator, who kept watch on the situation and saw one commit a robbery within this group. The operator then contacted the police control room and continued to observe the suspect, whilst police rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect. With the coverage of the crime saved on film, the CCTV operator was able to give a description of the victims, which allowed the police to trace them.

The CCTV team have been praised by Merton Borough police for their quick response and help that enabled them to arrest a suspect that might otherwise have evaded capture.

Councillor Andrew Judge praised the CCTV operators saying “This result highlights the skill of the operators in tracking crimes on the system and their invaluable role helping make Merton Safe & Sound”.