PHOTO CALL: Giant cans tell residents to recycle

Date: Friday 17 December 2004
Time: 11.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Wimbledon Plaza – outside Safeway, The Broadway, Wimbledon

Four giant cans, which spell out ‘London Lets Recycle More’, are visiting Merton on Friday 17 December as part of the Recycle for London campaign.

London Borough of Merton has borrowed the cans from Greater London Authority (GLA). Merton Council officers will be handing out leaflets about recycling at Christmas to encourage people to make use of the facilities provided by Merton for recycling and composting.

For further details, please contact Claire Bartlett in the press office.


Notes to editors
Giant can dimensions – largest is 3m high and 1m wide, two smaller cans are approx 1m wide by 2m high each. There is a Heinz baked bean style one, a lions syrup one a tuna one and a Sure deodorant one. (The brand suppliers are all in support of the campaign)