ALI Report Recognises Hard Work Of Merton’s Adult Education Service

Merton’s Adult Education Service has improved dramatically, evidence of which, is the jump of two grades in the November 2005 inspection by the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI).

The inspection results indicate significant progress has been made, and is in stark contrast to the previous results of the Adult Education Services inspection in October 2004, which proved to be unfavourable.

Grading for the inspection operates on a two- tier basis. For teaching and learning the ranging is between grade one for outstanding and grade four for Inadequate.
A five point system starting at grade one for outstanding to grade five for very weak
is in place for leadership and management.

Key findings in the report concluded that teaching and learning had improved from being 80% satisfactory and 20% unsatisfactory in 2004 to 98% satisfactory. The breakdown showed that 64% was good and 4% was outstanding, however 2% is still regarded as unsatisfactory. Leadership and management also came up trumps in the inspection. They are now recognised to be working at a 2-grade level, which indicates good on the scale, whereas in the last inspection, they were allocated a 4-grade level, representing unsatisfactory.

Anne-Marie Fisher, Merton’s Student Services Manager spoke of her admiration for the Adult Education Service:

“We are delighted that our hard work has been recognised by the Adult Learning Inspectorate. The entire team at Merton Adult Education are committed to meeting the learning needs of Merton’s diverse community. “

Councillor Mickey Spacey, Cabinet member for Community Services and Community Engagement also expressed his gratitude at the team’s effort:

“When I took over responsibility for Adult Education in May 2005, I was aware that a re-inspection was imminent and that and a lot of work was needed to achieve a grading of “satisfactory.

“I wish to convey my thanks and appreciation of the magnificent efforts and hard work of the Merton Adult Education team. To earn a “good” grading is a superb achievement. Once again very well done, we are all very proud of you.”