Wiping out graffiti

The battle with graffiti continues, but Merton Council remains determined to beat the menace as an incident at Downs, Wimbledon showed last week.

Ms Mortimore, a resident of Wimbledon woke to find offensive graffiti on her property. She reported the incident to Merton’s Graffiti Officer who then took immediate action to remove the eyesore from Ms Mortimore’s premises within 24 hours of the call.

Merton Council a founder member of SWAAG (South West Action Against Graffiti) works in alliance with local retailers and other councils to tackle graffiti. They pledge to remove graffiti from council street furniture within 48hours to remove racist, and sexually offensive graffiti from property anywhere in the borough.

Ms Mortimore was delighted with the service “I have to say that was stunningly quick and efficient. Went to the garage yesterday at 3pm and the graffiti had gone. You have restored my faith in public services… thank you!”

For more Information on graffiti and how to tackle graffiti crimes visit . If you would like to report an incident, please email graffiti.project@merton.gov.uk or call 020 8545 4109/3173.
Graffiti on anyone’s property is criminal damage and should be reported to the Wimbledon police as soon as possible on 020 8947 1212 or by visiting http://www.online.police.uk