Have you got funky feet?

People with learning disabilities now have the option of a safe and fun socialising environment in the shape of the Funky Feet nightclub to be launched at Morden Hall on Friday 28 April.

Merton Council recently carried out a survey with our community members, who have learning disabilities to try and establish if they would be interested in the prospect of a nightclub being set up solely for their benefit. An overwhelming 160 responses out of the 180 returned were positive about the prospect of a perennial nightspot.

The aim of setting up an established nightclub in Merton for people with learning disabilities is to provide them with a safe environment and for it hopefully serve as a platform for them moving on to more mainstream nightspots in the future.

There will be carers, volunteers and support workers on hand to ensure the smooth running of the event, which we will try as best as possible to run every month.

There are still tickets available for the Funky Feet launch at Morden Hall, Morden Hall Road, on Friday 28 April, which starts at 7.00pm and finishes at 11.30pm. If you would like to attend, please contact Zoey O’ Brien, Community Development Officer on 020 8241 2236.