Going on holiday? Keep your home safe

Statistically, July and August are the busiest months for people to go away on holiday. So with that in mind, Safer Merton is issuing some simple crime prevention advice to help keep your home safe, whilst you’re away.

Recently, there have been a number of burglaries in Merton, where the burglars have gained access through windows that have been left open. Safer Merton would like homeowners if they are going away on holiday or not, to take heed of the following points:

· Ensure you lock doors, windows and side gates when you leave your home for any period of time.

· Keep ladders locked up or out of sight, so that they can’t be used to gain access to windows.

· If possible, ask someone to look after your home, whilst you’re away on holiday. They can make it look like there is someone living there by drawing curtains, picking up mail, parking in your drive or even mowing the lawn.

· Don’t let people see into your home. You may want to put up net curtains. Keep valuables out of sight.

· Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries, including free papers.

Councillor David Simpson, cabinet member for Partnerships and Community Safety said:

“Burglars are opportunists, who take advantage of the most basic lapses in home security.

“Please ensure that you follow the tips Safer Merton and Merton Police have issued. We want you to return home from holiday to find your property in the same condition that you left it.”

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