Help Merton avoid heatwave blazes

As temperatures soar to near record levels, Merton Council is issuing guidance on how to help tackle the scores of field blazes that have started across the country.

Firefighters have been called to hundreds of fires this week due to scorching temperatures. In some parts of the country, the risk of fires has been described as “exceptional”. People are now being asked to take extra care, especially in the countryside, to prevent any unnecessary blazes.

Councils and fire authorities are urging people to be aware of this simple, common sense five-point guidance:

· Do not have a bonfire of any size during the extreme weather. This is particularly important in rural areas.
· Clear away all picnic rubbish
· Do not throw cigarette ends from car windows
· Refrain from having barbecues in the open countryside
· Report fly-tipping to the local authority as soon as possible

Councillor Tariq Ahmad, cabinet member for Environment and Traffic Management said:

“It is imperative that people follow this simple advice, as Merton is particularly at risk owing to the large amounts of open space that we possess across the borough.

“People will naturally flock to the many parks and open spaces in Merton and we want to see people enjoy this warm spell of weather, however we also want to preserve these areas and keep them free from any potential fire damage.