Councillors address local concerns

A series of reviews exploring the issues affecting our local communities are underway, chaired by Merton’s overview and scrutiny councillors. The reviews have been selected following suggestions put forward by members of the public as well as ward councillors.

The issues being reviewed are:

Merton’s libraries – looking at how we can increase the use of the libraries across Merton, including how to make the libraries more attractive to all residents in the Borough;
Neighbourhood governance – looking at the ways in which local people can be empowered to influence the decisions that shape their neighbourhood;
Enforcement policy – examining council enforcement policies and how they are enforced, including how the council can ensure that local residents are clear about what action the Council will take;
Age discrimination – ensuring Merton is an organisation that embraces people of all ages and does not discriminate according to age after 1 October 2006, when new legislation comes into force;
Children’s Trusts – monitoring the introduction of the new Children’s Trusts in Merton and drawing in examples of successful trusts across the country;
Prevention of ill health – focusing on preventative measures and early intervention initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles and well-being; and
Housing services – evaluating the repairs service provided for council and leasehold properties and looking for ways to improve the service.

The scrutiny panels have started to examine these issues in detail, looking at how Merton Council currently provides services and learning from how other councils work to find ways to improve.

Councillors are keen to find out what local people and community groups think about these issues. What have been people’s experiences of the areas being reviewed? What could be done to make them better?

If you have any views that you would like to feed into the review contact Kate Martyn, Scrutiny Manager, on 020 8545 3857 or e-mail

Views should be submitted by the end of September 2006 to ensure that they can be incorporated into the reviews