Merton Council has set its Council Tax at 3.6%

The Merton element of council tax in 2007/8 will rise by 3.6%, in line with the increase in State Pensions from 1 April 2007. This means Band D taxpayers will pay an extra £3 a month for Merton’s services.

Merton Council is committed to cutting waste and bureaucracy, and to using the resulting savings to improve frontline services, whilst aiming to keep Merton’s Council tax increase below inflation.

The council believes that the council tax increase for Merton residents is fair and value for money in relation to the amount of money the council will be investing in key services in the coming financial year. The level of increase set recognises that it is pensioners and those on lower incomes who will be hardest hit by council tax increases.

Merton Council have decided to put £5.5m of new money into the area of Adult Social Care in 2007/8 to compensate for previous overspends. Had they not had to take this step, council tax could have been reduced by 1%.

Leader of Merton Council, Councillor David Williams, said:

“It is extremely important that we set a budget increase which is fair and that all residents, especially those on lower incomes, can pay.

Despite the modest increase in council tax, we have produced a budget that will deliver value for money services across the council.

“In particular, we have made provisions to care and protect the vulnerable in our community as they need specialised and long-term care.”