England rugby player to visit Merton school

What: England rugby star Andy Hazel will be presenting a water cooler to Aragon Primary School, winner of the Merton Parents Dining Room Experience competition.
When: Thursday 21 June 2007, 12.30pm.
Where: Aragon Primary School, Aragon Road, Morden, SM4 4QU

England rugby star James Simpson-Daniel will be presenting a water cooler donated by WaterCoolersDirect.com to Aragon Primary School, winner of the Merton Parents Dining Room Experience Competition.

Merton Parents launched The Dining Room Experience Competition to try to improve the environment in which many of Merton’s children eat. Aragon Primary School won the competition because they encouraged packed lunch and school dinner children to eat together and the teachers regularly sat down in the hall along side the children to eat their lunch. The judges were also impressed by the new lunchtime reservation system that allowed children to book tables for special occasions and the customer care book to record comments.

The first prize was donated by Water Coolers Direct, an internet based company who see outright purchase as the natural choice for schools who want to provide their children with access to water.

Mrs Gill Wilson, Headteacher of Aragon Primary School said:

“We are all very excited to have an international rugby player visit the school. At Aragon the children enjoy participating in lots of different sports including rugby and this visit will encourage more children to join in and also help keep them fit. The water cooler will be a fantastic addition to the dining room.”

Jackie Schneider, Chair of Merton Parents said:
“High noise levels, dirty tables, lack of cold drinking water and long queuing times were the most popular complaints amongst school children we consulted. This competition gave school councils the opportunity to get to grips with solving some of these problems”

Fred Cairns Palmer, Managing Director of Water Coolers Direct said:
“We are recognised as being one of the first water cooler companies to take an active interest in the provision of water in schools. It’s our pleasure to donate the machine to Merton Parents and make use of our contacts in English Rugby to give their campaign an extra boost. We are also pleased to release our Free School Fundraising Pack that will hopefully help other schools to provide water for their children.”

Tracy Riccio, Healthy Schools Co-ordinator said:

“I am very proud of the school council this year, they are constantly working hard to help improve the school for our pupils. Winning t