Join us in our Mission for Merton

Merton Council is calling on residents and community groups to get involved in a new initiative to improve quality of life in the borough and foster a new sense of civic pride.
An extensive consultation programme has been launched to discuss the `Mission for Merton’ proposals, details of which were outlined at a meeting of the Cabinet on Monday, September 10.
Leader of the Council, Councillor David Williams, said: “Merton’s ambition is to create opportunity for individuals and families to prosper.
“We will do this by binding our rich diversity of communities together with a common sense of belief in safe neighbourhoods, social progress and educational opportunity.
“We want to hear as many voices as possible about what kind of place they want Merton to be and how we can better work together. The council can do much but we will need strong partnerships with the private sector, voluntary organisations and other public agencies to deliver progress.”
The results of the three month consultation will be reported early in 2008 and, subject to the outcome of that consultation, highlighted in the first social opportunity programme for 2008/09.
Individual members of the public can find out more by logging on to the Merton website, where they will have an opportunity to record their views. People can also call 0208 545 3379 to find out more, request further information and also leave their views.
Notes for Editors
What are the details of the proposed programme?
The Opportunity programme has five strands.
Safe Streets: The council’s drive to make our borough a cleaner and safer place.
Green Merton: The council’s commitment to make the borough environmentally attractive and impact less on our planet.
Social Care: The council’s commitment to enhance the lives of the vulnerable, and those who are new to London.
Education Standards: The council’s programme to improve education, from nursery level to adult provision.
Citizen Service: activities to improve the quality of services and responsiveness to local people, not only of the council but of all public agencies operating in the borough.
What will happen to the results of the consultation?
The proposals state that next May the council will seek to launch a five-year programme to create safe neighbourhoods, secure social progress and provide educational opportunity.
The test of its success will be whether the borough is safer, more equal, and achieving more by 2013. The proposals have called for:
families and individuals staying and moving to Merton, using o