Merton Council makes noisy neighbour pay the price again

In line with Merton Council’s continuing efforts to clamp down on nuisance neighbours, Merton has successfully prosecuted Ms Francis, a repeat noise offender, from Mitcham.

Having obtained a warrant from Wimbledon Magistrates Court, following complaints from neighbours about unreasonably loud music, Ms Francis was fined £2,000 after she failed to comply with a noise abatement notice.

This follows the seizure in December last year of two 80-watt loud speakers from Ms Francis house in Lammas Avenue, Mitcham and a previous £1,000 fine issued by the Magistrates court to the occupant, as well as costs of £950 incurred for causing a noise nuisance to residents in surrounding properties. When the occupant refused to pay, bailiffs visited Ms Francis’ property to recover the money that was owed. Although payment was made, Ms Francis continued to cause a noise nuisance to her neighbours.

Director of Environment and Regeneration, Lyn Carpenter said: “Due to persistent selfish behaviour, the council had no choice but to prosecute and to remove the cause of the noise problem. It is important that people act responsibly and behave in a reasonable manner so as not to impair the quality of life of their neighbours. Merton Council will not tolerate such behaviour and is committed to defending Merton residents’ right to live in a pleasant environment free of unacceptable levels of noise.”

For further information or advice on noise pollution, residents can telephone 020 8545 3025 or visit