Merton Council helps turn the borough green

Merton Council is responding to residents’ pleas to make Merton greener and planting trees wherever and whenever people ask for them – as long as it is feasible and safe to do so.

Saba Sabanathan of Hanover Road, Wimbledon, called up the council when he decided his home could do with a few more trees in front of it.

The council agreed and planted four Amelanchier saplings on the pavement outside his house.

Delighted Mr Sabanathan said: “I thought the area would look nice with some more trees and we need more trees in the world. They are good for the environment.

“These look lovely. I water them every day to make sure they continue to grow and stay healthy.”

Merton Council’s cabinet member for the environment Councillor David Simpson said: “We welcome the support of local residents in working with us to care for newly planted trees as in the case of Mr Sabanathan. We are always happy to respond to residents’ suggestions, especially when it comes to finding new ways of improving the borough for everyone who lives here.

“We are committed to putting our residents’ needs first and this includes planting trees and creating a greener borough which is pleasant to live in.”

Auriel Glanville, co-ordinator of Merton’s Friends of the Earth, said: “Trees are vital for the environment and it is great Merton Council is so keen to plant trees across the borough.”