Merton prepared for snow

As the cold weather reaches new lows, Merton Council is prepared for the snow and ice, storing 2,300 tonnes of salt grit in anticipation of the winter weather conditions.

The council’s five drivers, one mechanic, one shovel operative and 30 street sweeping staff are all on hand to help grit roads and pavements around town centres, schools, train stations and local shops.

Merton gritters will be out on the streets at the crack of dawn when required, to ensure that all primary and secondary roads are kept free of ice and frost.

When snow or widespread ice is forecast, additional roads will be salted to ensure access to schools, residential care homes and other facilities is maintained.

Selected busy pedestrian areas are pre-salted and salting of other footways will be carried out on a priority basis should snow accumulate. If snow begins to settle, roads will be salted again.

Information on the council’s winter maintenance programmme and its winter maintenance guide can be found at:

Merton Council’s cabinet member for environment and leisure services Councillor David Simpson said: “As the weather changes and temperatures drop, we need to be prepared to act quickly and efficiently should snow fall.

“We want to ensure that Merton can keep moving and that residents and commuters travelling into or through Merton can do so safely. However drivers and pedestrians should always exercise extra caution in these winter conditions.”