Ten days left to take part in flood risk consultation

There are just 10 days left for Merton residents to send their responses to the council about how they think the borough can be prepared and minimise the effects of future flooding.

The consultation continues until 31 January and all responses will be considered by the council when it finalises its flood risk management strategy.

People wishing to be part of the survey can complete the questionnaire online at http://www.merton.gov.uk/lfrms.  Postage paid paper copies are available in libraries, leisure centres and community centres. They can also write to the council’s traffic and highways services team at the civic centre in Morden by emailing trafficandhighways@merton.gov.uk

The strategy will set out clear advice to residents, businesses and developers, on how flood risk will be managed by the different organisations involved including Merton Council, the Environment Agency, Thames Water and Transport for London.

Merton Council cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration Councillor Andrew Judge said: “You only need switch on the news to see communities not so far from Merton being deluged by the floods over the past weeks and months. Merton has been lucky as far as the latest flooding incidents are concerned. But flooding is something that could potentially affect all of us, so we want to be as prepared as possible and this is a good initial opportunity for us to hear from residents and businesses about their concerns and what they think should be in our flooding strategy.”