Wear a face covering to protect those around you  

Following the identification of the COVID-19 variant Omicron, there are new national measures in place we must all follow to continue to limit the spread of the virus.  

Face coverings will once again be compulsory in shops and on public transport. Find out exactly where you should wear a face covering. Find out where face coverings are now required. 

Viruses spread much more easily during colder months through airborne droplets, so it’s vital we all continue wearing our face coverings, particularly in crowded and enclosed places like public transport or in shops, cinemas and theatres.  

Watch this video featuring Merton resident Andrea explaining why she wears a face covering and why you should too. 

Want to find out more about why face coverings help? Read this study from UK Health Security Agency on the effectiveness of face coverings in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in community settings. 

Shops affected by these changes will be displaying posters reminding customers that face coverings are compulsory. COVID-19 Enforcement officers from the council will soon be visiting premises to make sure they are on display and offer advice on the latest Government guidance.