Keep on travelling

Merton Council to continue providing Freedom Passes which allow free travel on London?s public transport

Merton residents of pensionable age or with disabilities will continue to get a free ticket to ride thanks to successful negotiations by Merton Council, the London Borough?s and the Association of Local Government (ALG) to continue the Freedom Pass scheme.

Freedom Passes offer independence to many of Merton?s residents by providing access to free travel on London?s network of buses, tubes, trams and trains. The London Borough?s fund the scheme, which will continue following negotiations between the ALG and Transport for London.

Last year the Council issued nearly 30,000 passes to residents in Merton. The passes are available free of charge to women aged 60 and over, men aged 65 and over and disabled residents. From April 2003 Freedom Passes will also be available to men aged 60 and over. The Council currently pays £150 for each pass.

Councillor Su Assinen, Merton Council?s Cabinet Member for Regeneration said: ?Freedom Passes help to enhance the quality of life for many of Merton?s older residents and residents with disabilities. I am delighted the scheme will continue in the Borough and would like to encourage all entitled residents to apply for their passes at the earliest opportunity, so they can benefit from free travel in London.?

Freedom Passes, which currently need to be renewed every two years, are available to Merton residents at the following locations:
· Women aged 60+ and men aged 65+ can apply at designated Post Offices throughout Merton
· Disabled adults should apply at Merton Council?s Housing and Social Services Department, 42-44 Russell Road, Wimbledon.
· Disabled children should apply at Merton Council?s Housing and Social Services Department, Worsfold House, Church Road, Mitcham.

For enquiries regarding Freedom Passes for disabled residents, contact 020 8545 4490 for adults, or 020 8545 4201 for children.