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The group responsible for implementing the Government’s 10-year drug strategy in Merton has released its treatment plan for 2004/05.

Merton Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) brings together representatives of all the local agencies involved in tackling the misuse of drugs and this years plan sets out the DAATs treatment priorities for 2004-05, which include:

§ Additional structured counselling for young people
§ To continue to expand numbers going through drug treatment in the borough
§ To develop a harm reduction system in Merton for blood borne viruses and drug-related deaths
§ To produce a directory of local drug and alcohol services

Merton as a borough had welcomed the opportunity to work with the local service providers to deliver the governments strategy locally. And Merton DAAT has shown good progress so far with their treatment priorities in that:

§ Numbers going through treatment increasing by 141% from 2002/03 to 2003/04.
§ Additional structured counselling is also being provided through Merton Youth Awareness Programme, thereby increasing borough-focussed interventions for young people and families.
§ Waiting times for the borough are below the national Treatment Agency Target.
§ A directory of Drug and Alcohol Services will be produced by September 2004.

Merton DAAT is committed to ensuring quality and continuous improvement throughout its commissioned services with all drug treatment providers contracted to submit quarterly monitoring reports showing key data against service level agreement milestones. In addition, all local providers of drug treatment meet regularly in a Provider Forum meeting to exchange ideas, opinions and best practise.

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