Merton Council will not ignore the signs

Wimbledon Magistrates Court has fined Imperial World Ltd, a total of £1,940 in Merton Council’s first fly-posting case early this month.

An investigation by Merton Council revealed 26 illegal advertising boards, as the company continued to fly-post, despite receiving a number of fixed penalty notices, the first being issued by the council in May 2006.

Mr Lakshman Somanathan, the company secretary, admitted to the council in November 2007, that the company had committed offences and this month the company pleaded guilty to two charges of flyposting.

Magistrates fined Imperial World Limited £1000 and ordered the company to pay £940 in costs.

Merton Council’s Director of Environment and Regeneration, Lyn Carpenter said:

“”The council will not tolerate flyposting. It is not only illegal, it is costly to remove which is a burden to local council tax payers, is an eyesore and can be a danger to road users, especially if posters obscure traffic lights. We will always consider prosecuting any individual or organisation for illegal flyposting”.