Government Survey highlights Merton’s success

Merton Council has been rated as second in the country and the top outer London borough for its successful partnership work with other local services to seek people’s views about anti-social behaviour and crime in their local area.

The headline results come from the Governments national 2008 Place Survey published last week (23 June), which provides information on people’s perceptions of their local area and the local services they receive.

As well the rating on listening to its residents on the issues of crime and anti-social behaviour Merton is also rated third in London and seventh in the country for actually dealing with crime issues too.

The survey also show Merton in pole position in London as the council which keeps its residents best informed about what to do in a large scale emergency such as Bird flu. Around 24% of Merton’s residents felt happy that they are kept informed about emergency and civil protection arrangements in the local area, well ahead of the other London boroughs that averaged at 13.5%.

Another top ten result for the borough was that almost 40% of Merton’s residents feel empowered to influence decisions in the local area, the ninth highest in the country. Overall, the survey also found that almost half (49%) of all residents questioned felt satisfied with the council’s organisational capabilities, this is higher than the national average of 45%.

For local service provision, 73.8% of residents feel they are treated with respect and consideration by council staff delivering local services. Results also show residents to be healthy, with 84.4% of those questioned saying their health is generally “very good” or “good”.

Chief Inspector Mark Payne of Merton Police said:

“I think that to deliver the policing Merton deserves we must – keep listening to our communities, keep dealing with the things they want us to, and we must keep being there when they need us.

“I am proud of the partnership with our community, with Safer Merton and proud to be able to make a difference for the people of Merton. I am pleased to see our work with Safer Merton reflected in this survey as we’ve done much to increase police presence, reduce anti-social behaviour and keep our people safe. I think there is more to be done and welcome the challenges of the coming year.”

Councillor David Williams, Leader of Merton Council said:

“We are really encouraged by the place survey results. We always work to put the needs of our residents first and offer them value for money services, and through surveys like this we can find out what residents are happy with and what we can do better to improve their quality of life. The results clearly reflect the success of our strong partnership with the police and Safer Merton, working to increase the public’s awareness of emergencies, engaging with residents on issues such as anti-social behaviour and maintaining Merton’s position as one of the safest boroughs in London.

“We are committed to continually improving our services and will continue to work with our partners towards even greater success next year.”



1.The Place Survey is one tool used by central government to capture the concerns and opinions about local services from local people. The Place Survey supplies the data by which a number of national government indicators are measured. The national indicators measure how well Governments’ priorities are being delivered by local government and local government partnerships over the next three years.

2. The full place survey can be found at